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The Govt has ordered closure of all schools to contain the spread of Covid-19. But learning must go on. 

The Successor Generation Community is launching a 30days SGC Whatsapp School 

If you have wards/children in Senior secondary schools sign them up to the WhatsApp group below according to their departments. 

Tutors for the key subjects will handle lessons using the Edmodo and Google classroom platforms..resources and videos will be available. Tests and assignments will be conducted. Learning will be super fun from the comfort of their homes..

Commercial Department

1. Maths
2. English
3. Financial Accounting
4. Commerce
5. Economics

Science Department

1. Maths
2. English
3. Biology/Economics
4. Physics
5. Chemistry 

Arts Department

1. Maths
2. English
3. Literature
4. Biology/Economics
5. Government

The successor generation needs to be empowered to lead this nation into the future. In addition to these subjects we are focusing in 21st century core skills that would help  young people compete favorably. 

Classes Start Monday March 23rd


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