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- Rusoko and African Beauty Rusoko is a Non-Governmental Organization which is dedicated to bring to the tabl3 that African culture we had always wanted. Rusoko sells a variety of Afrucan wears such as Adire, Beads, Kante, Isi Agu and anything that can remind you of being African.

 Africa over the years has been known as the heritage of all blacks. This heritage has to be sustained by cultures and traditions. This has to be handed down from one generation to another. However, how can we know what to and ought not to wear?

One of the long-standing traditions of an African man is to be seen on something that can truly identify him as one. Some of those include his dressing, grooming and the likes.

Fashion over time had modified the way we dress and what indeed makes our physical body brighten up. It might be good to note that our cultures on dress and grooming have changed over time.

Towards that end, a Non-Governmental Organization decided to bring to the table that African culture we had always wanted. AfricanRubiz brought about an arm of their organization called RUSOKO.

Rusoko sells an African wear called Adire, Beads, Kante (Ghana wears) and anything that can remind you of being African. The organization has seen that our African culture must not go into extinction and must be preserved from our generation to the next.





Rusoko also made it possible for the African product to get circulated all around the world by partnering with @DHLAfrica to bring the bought goods to your doorstep. All you need do is log on to and then get to order for that material of yours or become a marketer and get fabulous prices on every material you buy.

Just as fashion has evolved, now, our culture would continue to evolve and become a colony of beauty. Rusoko! Fabrics from the source.

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