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1GB = N575
2GB = N1,150
5GB = N2,875

~ For the following items, contact the admin ~

MTN DATA (30 – 90 days validity)
▶MTN 10GB (SME) ➡ N5200

▶MTN 15GB (SME) ➡ N7650

▶MTN 20GB (SME) ➡ N10100

Glo Data (3g/4g)
▶Glo 1.6GB 0r 3.2GB ➡ N950
▶Glo 3.75GB 0r 7.5GB ➡ N1900
▶Glo 5GB 0r 12.5GB ➡ N2450
▶Glo 5GB 0r 15GB ➡ N2650
▶Glo 9.5GB 0r 24GB ➡ N3750
▶Glo 12GB 0r 30GB ➡ N4650
▶Glo 22GB 0r 55GB ➡ N7200
▶Glo 50GB 0r 75GB ➡ N8800
▶Glo 80GB 0r 120GB ➡ N13300


▶9mobile 250MB ➡ N300
▶9mobile 500MB ➡ N450
▶9mobile 1GB ➡ N700
▶9mobile 1.5GB ➡ N1100
▶9mobile 2GB ➡ N1350
▶9mobile 3GB ➡ N2150
▶9mobile 5GB ➡ N3300
▶9mobile 11.5GB ➡ N7250
▶9mobile 15GB ➡ N9100
▶9mobile 27.5GB ➡ N16250

Fast Bulk SMS
Delivery to all GSM networks with instant report.
1 SMS = 160 characters = N2.10

(For support or inquiries: WhatsApp only>>> 08063199218, Hotline: 09064851978)


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