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Lagos State Traffic Laws And Penalties

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Lagos Traffic Law regime is designed to protect law abiding road users. It is also designed to ensure that those who flout any of its stipulations are made to face the consequences of their action so that they can be reformed and join the law abiding group.

Traffic offences are called strict liability offences: you do the offence, you pay the consequence. However, the traffic management regime is not designed to empower officials of any agency of the State to molest, intimidate, extort or make a law breaker out of any Lagos resident/stakeholder through the demanding and giving of bribes so as to avoid unsavoury situations.
See full list of the penalties below

1 Driving without valid driver’s licence   > Impound vehicle

2 Driving by under age 18 years  >  30,000.00 fine

3 Driving with fake plate numbers > 30,000.00/3yrs. in prison

4 Driving with forged particulars  > 6 months in prison

5 Driving with fake driver’s licence  >  6 months in prison

6 Driving without road worthiness > Impound vehicle

7 Driving only yellow > 80,000.00 Enforce painting

8 Driving without Hackney permit > Impound vehicle

9 No display of Hackey permit > Impound vehicle

10 Kabu Kabu without permit > Impound vehicle

11 Disobeying LASTMA Officials  > 30,000.00/Impound vehicle

12 Neglect of Traffic direction light  > 3 months in prison

13 Smoking while driving > 30,000.00/Impound vehicle

14 Physical assault traffic officer > 50,000.00/6 months in prison

15 Driving without full light > 50,000.00

16 Driving with worn out Tyre > 30,000.00

17 Driving without spare Tyre > 30,000.00

18 Driving smoking vehicle > 30,000.00

19 No fire Extinguisher  > 30,000.00

20 Broken windscreen > 30,000.00

21 Tinted windscreen > 30,000.00

22 Eating and driving with one hand  > 3 months in prison

23 One way driving  > 3 yrs. in prison

24 Driving without fasten seat belt  > 30,000.00

25 No painting a commercial vehicle approved colour  > 50,000.00

26 No car hire service permit > 1st 20,000.00, 2nd 30,000.00 Impound vehicle

27 Parking on yellow line on any public highway/illegal parking  > 1st 20,000.00, subsequent 30,000.00

28 Vehicle crossing double yellow line/centre line  > 1st 20,000.00, subsequent 30,000.00

29 Staying within the yellow junction box (offside rule) > 1st 20,000.00, subsequent 30,000.00

30 Failure to yield to right of the way of pedestrian at zebra crossing  > 1st 20,000.00, subsequent 30,000.00

31 Failure to give to traffic on the left at a roundabout > 1st 20,000.00, subsequent 30,000.00

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