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UEC College Ikorodu - developing future leaders

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UEC College Ikorodu is a co-educational day and boarding school that is dedicated to developing future leaders and bringing out the best in every student, every day.

The Vision of the College:
“We envision UEC College as an engine of learning dedicated to the advancement of society through the development of highly-skilled, ethical future leaders.”
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The college strongly believes that the future of every nation, the quality of life of its people and the development of a society that is just and equitable for all depend critically on the quality of education of its citizens; which is why UEC College offers effective and all-round education - geared towards producing the highly skilled leaders, professionals and informed citizens who will power and change the country.

All students are equipped – without exception – with the confidence and competence to build a better tomorrow for themselves and to play leadership roles in building a more vibrant society.

UEC College is a value-driven organization committed to motivating, rewarding and celebrating  FIVE SHARED VALUES, viz: Equity of opportunities for all; Teamwork; Hardwork; Integrity; and Continuous learning.
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The clear goal of the college is to prepare students with regard to academic readiness for universityvocational and entrepreneurial readiness for productive career, and leadership readiness.

Students attending UEC College acquire a strong foundation for personal leadership in their own lives, as well as the habits of mind and behaviours that would make them leaders of others. They are trained to be self-reliant, critical thinkers and problem solvers.
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Our VITAL SIGNS (listed below) enable us to monitor our students’ growth and development into well-rounded citizens and future leaders:

Continuous Academic Growth:
-     Proficiency in all subjects
-     Closing the “achievement gap” and accelerating learning for all students

 Academic Tenacity:
-     Self-responsibility, self-discipline and initiative
-     Critical thinking

Socio-Emotional Resiliency:
-     Acquisition of 21st Century skills
-     Responsible student “voice” and participation
-     Goal-orientation, optimistic outlook, and community service

Critical thinking and problem-solving
We provide high quality education in a safe and nurturing learning environment
Uec college, xpino media network
UEC Students with other youths @ the Sea School.
Uec college, xpino media network
The college Principal, Mr Osholowu along with Mr Steven Isagua with students of UEC College at the Sea School Citizen and Leadership Training Programme

Our students receive state-of-the art training in a number of vocational/technical fields, including Catering Craft Practices, Electrical Installation & Maintenance Work, Painting & Decorating, Animal Husbandry, Woodwork & Carpentry, Music, Cosmetology, Photography, Fashion, Events Planning & Management, Barbing, Make-Up Artistry, Video Editing, Sound Engineering and Graphic Design.

UEC College has highly qualified and experienced teachers equipped to take the Nigerian curriculum and all British Council Examinations. The college shares with parents at visiting and opening days the high expectations for students.

UEC College is accredited by the British Council to conduct Cambridge International Examinations (CIE). We provide support to our students for admission and placements into U.K Universities and Colleges through UCAS (Universities and College Admission Services), which is the world's largest central admission service for higher education.

UEC College also collaborates with reputable overseas university placement agents in Nigeria, who are linked with several universities in the UK, USA and Canada.
The college encourages all parents and guardians to  grab this ultimate opportunity today.

Together, we can do great things and leave behind a lasting legacy by making a big difference to the lives of many.

Bring your child today! You will be glad you did.


The official website of UEC College is www.uecng.com

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