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Photo Of The Day #4: International Space Station

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The International Space Station (ISS) is a unique man-made satellite that circles Earth at a height of between 330 km (205mi) and 435 km (270 mi). 

Do you know these cool facts about the  International Space Station?

•    The ISS is presently the biggest fake body in circle. It is 357 ft (109 m) long, making the space station's territory traverse about the measure of an American football field.

•    The space station weighs about 925,000 pounds (419,500 kg's).

•    The ISS has 2 lavatories, a rec center and more space than a 6 room house.

•    The space station is almost 4 times greater than the Russian space station Mir and around 5 times as vast as the U.S. Skylab.

•    More than eight miles of wire interfaces the electrical power framework on the ISS.

•    Around 3.3 million lines of PC code on the ground underpins more than 1.8 million lines of flight programming code for the ISS.

•    The principal ISS team mission called 'Undertaking 1' propelled on a Russian Soyuz, October 31, 2000. The 3 Russian cosmonauts docked and entered the ISS on November 2, 2000. The space station has been constantly involved since, making it the longest human nearness in space.

•    The ISS has been gone to by space travelers and cosmonauts from 15 distinct countries. There has been an aggregate of 352 flights to the ISS, by 211 distinct individuals, 31 of these were ladies, and 7 were 'space travelers' (starting at 2013).

•    Starting at 2013, 76 individuals have gone to the ISS on two events, 25 individuals have made three outings to the station and incredibly 5 individuals have been four circumstances.

•    Starting at 2013, there has been 174 spacewalks outside the modules in support of the ISS's development and upkeep, that is just about 1,100 hours (almost 46 days).

•    There's been 38 undertakings to the ISS starting at 2013. An endeavor can last up to six months. Early campaigns had 3 man groups, this was decreased to 2 man teams for wellbeing, however today team numbers frequently achieve 6 individuals.

•    By and large the ISS goes at 27,724 kilometers (17,227 mi) every hour.

•    The space station finishes 15.5 circles a day, which implies the team individuals on board the station encounter a dawn or dusk like clockwork.

•    The ISS program is a joint venture that includes 5 space organizations. NASA, of USA, Roskosmos of Russia, JAXA of Japan, CSA of Canada and ESA made up of organizations from France, Brazil, Malaysia, South Korea and Italy.

•    The Cupola module in the ISS has a 7 window observatory range which has been contrasted with the "turret" of the Millennium Falcon in the motion picture Star Wars.

•    The ISS is ostensibly the most costly single thing ever fabricated. Starting at 2010, the cost of the station is accepted to be $150 billion.

•    With the exposed eye, the ISS can be seen from almost every range of Earth, it shows up as a moderate moving brilliant white spot in the night sky.

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