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Recession or not, people keep losing their jobs by the day and the percentage of the unemployed keeps rising with little or no remedy to the situation.  Most of those gainfully employed even find it extremely difficult making ends meet, while the unemployed continue to experience the overwhelming effect of living without a reliable income no matter how plenty or meagre. 

This article showcases some positive ideas that can assist the unemployed:

1.    File for Unemployment: Consider applying for unemployment. If you reside in North America, United Kingdom or Australia this might actually work for you. In those regions there is ample care for citizens who are unemployed. While unemployment benefits will be significantly less than what your salary was, they will still help you get by until you land your next job. However, in this part of Africa you are on you own. You can actually embrace the Lagos State Ministry of Wealth & Job Creation initiative to employ hosts of unemployed persons.

2.    Ponder over the situation: After losing your job, take some time to ponder over the reasons why you may have lost the job. Was it because you were nonchalant with your work? Perhaps you weren’t adding value to the establishment? Perhaps the company has some financial challenges then decided to reduce the workforce? If the issue was as a result of faults from you, it will be helpful you ponder over the issue then determine what you ought to have done. This will give you an edge to succeed at your next employment.  However, if your job was taken from you because the company had financial challenges, shake off the dust then move on. Beam your searchlight for a future job on companies that are doing well…once beaten twice shy.  

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3.    Create a new budget that will help you avoid frivolous purchases:  Once your primary source of income is gone, you can’t afford to spend as much as you once did. Stop and think about what budget items you absolutely must spend money on, as opposed to what you want to spend money on. This is not the time to impress your friend or spouse with expensive packages. Neither is it the time to go doing eateries three times a day when you can actually save some money by making your food indoor. A friend said some people will rather go hungry than go without internet data. How tragic! Reduce your ‘online-time’ to save data. Only go online for things that will really upgrade and uplift you from your present situation. If you were able to save some emergency fund before the mishap, structure your budget in a way that the fund will last for some really long time. Live simple. 

4.    Down but not flat. Go hunting: when last did you sight your CV? Shake off the dusts on it. Update your work experience. Go over the entire CV again. I personally learned that every time you take a look at your CV you realize that you can ‘tweak’ it to look better. Do same. If your job type requires you putting up a PowerPoint Presentation, get on with it immediately. No one can market you more than you in this situation. Do well to avoid obnoxious errors and typos.


5.    Where is your career headed? Before the
Be happy at your job, www.xpinomedia.com
hunt resumes, pause and ponder over the day in day out activities in your last job. Were you at that job because of the money, because of the joy you derived from both the job and the salary or neither? The psychologists say if you stick to a job that makes your life miserable the tendency of an untimely death, depression and insanity is high. Try as much as you can to get a job you love. Though, if the job u secure is not your dream job just endeavour to like it.

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6.    What does the internet say about you? After losing the job did you go online to call thunder and voodoo to strike your last boss dead? Or did you go to vent your frustration on the wall of a former colleague who might have been involved in the matter? Some employers go thorough checks on the social media activities of prospective employees. Come to think of it, your fraternity with a particular sport club or league can also ruin your chances of getting a nice job in a jiffy.

7.    Hook up with positive minds: avoid distractions from unhelpful sympathizers. Widen out. Hook up with old friends who are in your profession. Let them know you are in-between jobs. Visits free job portals like Xpino JOBS frequently. You can actually request the admin to help you search for specific jobs in locations of your choice.

8.    Be ready for part-time jobs: you need income, so be realistic about your situation. You won’t get paid for lying on your couch and staring at the ceiling. Reach out for part-time jobs. You could even start tutoring jobs if you have the teaching skills in you. You could contact Xpino Media Network for a crash program on online publicity and marketing. Making some extra income while hunting for your desired job makes more sense than begging or waiting for manna to drop from heaven. Learning some skills can also empower you richly.

9.    Avoid discouragement: For the records, you are not going through a
situation that is alien from many other humans. Don’t feel discouraged. Most big names you know today had such issues at some points in their lives. Tough times don’t last, only the toughs do. That you are reading this article is evidence that behind your dark cloud is a silver lining. You will overcome.

Best wishes.

(Readers are free to give more suggestions. Thanks)


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