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Google AdSense Alternatives That Can Enrich Bloggers

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Google AdSense Alternatives, Xpino Media Network,
Most bloggers have spent ‘wasted’ months and years waiting for AdSense approval. Some have applied multiple times and got negative results.
There have been cases of bloggers who ‘downed their tools’ after being rejected by Google AdSense team. If you blog for fun and as a hobby, you won’t feel dejected if such happens to you since there are alternatives to AdSense. You just need to dust your fallen self up and move on. He who fights and run away lives to fight another day.


From my personal experience and that of those in my bloggers' community, it is obvious that Google has fiercer codes of conduct for ‘Naija’ bloggers right now. It is like hunting, you need to differentiate when to pause and wait from when go for the kill. If you really must apply for AdSense now, get experienced webmasters and Google experts to check for errors before you give it a shot.

Meanwhile, there are viable AdSense alternatives that you can ‘approach’ for monetization. AdSense is not the only ad network. Okay?! Advertisers abound, and they need numerous ad companies to help them reach their myriads of potential customers. The Naija thorough-breeds will say ‘at all, at all na im bad pass’. Better have something than nothing.

Although this post will dwell on AdSense alternatives, it is imperative I point out that bloggers do well when they personally source for adverts and sponsored posts. Many self-made bloggers have gained healthy incomes from that venture.

As you wait for AdSense approval or enjoy your blogging habits, you can check out the following AdSense alternatives:

This is one of the best alternatives for AdSense. As AdSense is to Google so is to Yahoo.  It enables publishers to earn money from advertising revenue. Just like AdSense, getting approved is tough. You daily traffic must be very fat and it’s not for newbie blog of days or weeks old.

Google AdSense Alternatives, Xpino Media Network, 
Presently, you can only get into the network via an invitation. 

2.    Revenuehits
This ad company is not on same par with AdSense, not even close, but you can make some income through them. It’s a Performance base Ad Network that helps publishers to generate more revenue.

Google AdSense Alternatives, Xpino Media Network,

The down side is that you should not expect easy quick money. Minimum pay-out is $20.


3.    Adversal
This is a very nice alternative to AdSense. However, to qualify you must have between two to five thousands daily page views. Minimum pay-out  is $20. They boast of the highest eCPM.
Google AdSense Alternatives, Xpino Media Network, 
To qualify, you must have about 50,000 monthly visits, have a site free from adult content, avoid pirated or illegal materials and have a malware-free website or blog.


4.    BuySellAds
This label is another good source of income for bloggers who have issues with Adsense. The company is a sort of middleman between publishers and advertisers. All they get from you is about 25% of the transaction.

Google AdSense Alternatives, Xpino Media Network,

Before your site can get approved however, you must both of mammoth traffic. Did I say getting them to approve your site is tougher than getting AdSense to approve you? Well, I just did. You can give it a shot.  


5.    Bidvertiser
Bidvertizer pays per click. You get paid for every click your website/blog visitors make on adverts they see on your site. The platform has given nice income to many bloggers over the years. The little issue here is that you may need to spend some money to get advertisers to notice your site. Its not a ‘rush and earn’ ad network. You need to really be patient.

Google AdSense Alternatives, Xpino Media Network, 
Their minimum pay-out is $10 for PayPal or Payza and $50 for cheque or moneygram.  


6.    Propeller Ads
This is one of my favourites Adsense alternative. It’s not really cumbersome getting approved if your site is well built and with nice contents.

Google AdSense Alternatives, Xpino Media Network,

The ad platform pays per every thousand impression (CPM). It works best for sites with traffic from countries like Australia, United Kingdom, North America and Canada.  

7.    Infolinks
This is a traditional in-text advertising network. Much unlike the aforementioned AdSense alternatives. Lots of ads are embedded into your articles as underlined or outlined/coloured words. They also have pop-up ads that come from the right, left or bottom of your screen.

Google AdSense Alternatives, Xpino Media Network,

Their five main ads are InText, InTag, InFrame,  InFold and InScreen. Their InArticle is still in the Beta state. You might have noticed some Infolinks ads in this blog post and some other Xpino Media Network sites. 
Google AdSense Alternatives, Xpino Media Network,
See how InfoLinks appear on blogs...
Minimum pay-out is $50 via paypal and $100 through Wire transfer. 


8.    VigLink
This ad platform converts normal links into affiliate links. If someone makes a purchase by using your link, you’ll be paid commission out of it. If you make a post on gadgets like LG LED Tv and someone clinks on embedded links and buys the product, you get paid a certain commission for each purchase.

Google AdSense Alternatives, Xpino Media Network,

You can try VigLink ff you write about products on your blog.  


9.    Adsterra
This ad network benefits both publishers and advertisers. It offers highest CPM rates with global coverage for blog owners with huge traffic. They pay via Paypal, Payoneer, WebMoney Bank Wire Transfer, Paxum, Bitcoin and Payza.

Google AdSense Alternatives, Xpino Media Network, 
If you are getting a good amount of traffic on your blog, you can try Adsterra to maximize your revenue.  

10.    Chitika
Chitika is also a nice AdSense alternative for bloggers. The requirements for getting approval is very lenient. In fact, a newbie blog can get approved in hours. Even if your traffic is pretty low you can still get into the ad platform.

Google AdSense Alternatives, Xpino Media Network,

They have Search Target Ads, Mobile Ads and Local Ads.

11.    Adblabla
Some bloggers in my blog community would go like…WHAT*#? Adblabla?
Ahahaha! Yeah, sure. Adblabla is a tested AdSense alternative. The Adblabla free ad network was built to provide free online advertisement to blogs and websites in Nigeria and the rest of Africa. If you allow them to place banner advertisement or content from their users on your website or blog, they will in turn place your adverts or promote your blog posts on someone else's website or blog for free. You get online credits for running other blog ads on your site, this credits make you ads to run on over 3,000 websites/sites on the Adblabla Network.

Google AdSense Alternatives, Xpino Media Network,

Aside that, they periodically dish out ‘sponsored posts’ to their members. A sponsored post is a full page article about people’s products and services. This article is published permanently on 1000+ blogs on their ad network. They pay you to make those posts for them on behalf of their clients. I have personally benefited from this many times over. They also have forums where bloggers meet to share ideas. Another good side of this company is the Publisher’s personal Dashboard. It intrigues me to see well-coordinated statistics, far more complex but easy to understand dashboard when compared to foreign ad companies.

Is there a good Google AdSense alternative that was not mentioned on this posts? Please post in comment box to assist other bloggers. Thanks.

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