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Check out the Beauty called FELINO cB7

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As an avid player of Asphalt Nitro  I have toyed with many exotic automobiles. I recently got intrigued by the aesthetic beauty and power of the Felino cB7 race car.

Felino cB7 is a Quebec-born speed-racer which was launched in 2014 by Antoine Bessette. It took the company about four years to conceptualize the idea behind the car.

Feline boasts of a V8 engine which has a horsepower of 525 RPM. The
engine is actually mounted inside the bump at the mid forward section of the race car.. The top speed is estimated at 190mph. it is also estimated that Felino cB7 can hit 60mph in 4 seconds.

Many aspects of this speed monster intrigue me: from the robotic look, the angry face, the cobra-like back-side, to the way the car handles itself during a ‘drift’ spree.


Take a second look at the front view…wow. Despite the fact that some have reservations about the car’s teardrop shape, lovers of the Transformer movies franchise will readily admire this race car that is just 45 inches tall.


Most of us own the Felino inside our smartphones, but to claim it into your garage you will need a whopping $100,000.

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